The Divine Light of Spiritual Protection (Online)

Friday, March 24, 2017

7:00pm to 8:00pm

The Divine Light of Spiritual Protection

Learn and practice a method of using Divine Light to protect yourself from the unwanted energies of people and places around you. We live in a sea of energy – both positive and negative – and are constantly mingling with it.  

Conducted by Associate Teachers

Join us for life-changing, guided meditations that bring Divine Light into your aura and consciousness.  Each one-hour session will include specific color energy rays to bring the spiritual qualities you want to embody. Each meditation class will focus on different aspects of the Divine Light.Based on ancient mystical teachings and built on clairvoyant experiences and training over five decades, this highly effective technique is known as the Higher Self Meditation. It was developed by clairvoyant and spiritual teacher Barbara Y. Martin and has been taught to thousands of people with astonishing results. 

About Spiritual Arts Institute Associate Teachers

A Certified Associate Teacher (AT) is dedicated to deepening his or her spiritual growth and to helping others in their spiritual journey. AT certification through Spiritual Arts Institute requires a minimum of six years of practice and study, including daily personal meditation. It is awarded only after candidates have completed all courses and demonstrated professional proficiency and an enhanced connection to the Divine Light. To maintain certification, ATs need to meet continuing education requirements every year.

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