Aura Life Charts | Consultations

Our inspiring sessions offer rare insight into your spiritual makeup

These one-on-one sessions give you personal attention with one of the most skilled aura specialists and metaphysical teachers in the field.

Whether you are looking for insight and resolution on specific issues and concerns, or simply wish to take your spiritual growth to new heights, these inspiring sessions offer rare insight into your spiritual makeup.

Benefits of an aura life chart reading:

  • Deeper understanding of your auric colors - exploring aspects of your energy field related to talents, career, health, and relationships.
  • Receive a blueprint of spiritual energy work - specific energy techniques to strengthen and improve your aura.
  • Insights and clarity on pressing personal issues.
  • Understanding where you are in your spiritual development and the spiritual support you are receiving.

The consultation includes a recording of the session and a written aura chart.

To make an appointment, please call 818-353-1716 or email