Online Classes

Online Classes

Join us from the comfort of your own home!

Be part of our virtual family.

For those who cannot attend our in-person Los Angeles classes, these cutting edge online courses (technically called video-teleconferences) offer the same high quality instruction as our Los Angeles based courses.

How do our online classes work?

For each session, students log onto a secure website to join in a live real-time virtual class to see and hear course lectures, join in group meditations, receive spiritual blessings, ask questions, and join in the instruction being given. Students download class notes and are given weekly assignments. More than just a webinar, teachers and students see and interact with each other for a true virtual environment.

High–speed Internet access is required for these courses. Online classes are taught by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis.

Are online classes really effective? Hear what our students have to say:

"Barbara and Dimitri's classes are a blessing. They are both gifted teachers who display true commitment to their student's development. Their classes are a wonderful combination of inspiration and information while also encouraging the discipline required to develop spiritually. And the online format works amazingly well."

- Cathy, business manager, Milwaukee, WI

"I had the greatest experience in the Change Your Aura, Change Your Life online course. Learning how to work with the light and using it regularly was like a smooth sailing dream where you create what you want to happen next in your mind, add Divine Light to it, and boom it happens! Starting the day off with the meditations given in this class helps the day go by with the feeling of a constant energy flow, rarely feeling tired or uninspired. I am so thankful and honored to know these techniques."

- Shauna, emergency medical technician, Encinitas, CA

"As a busy pediatrician and mother of two young children, delving deeper into my metaphysical studies was the last thing I thought I would pull off. However I was compelled to sign up for the online classes, and I can't say enough wonderful things about Barbara and Dimitri. I have felt renewed, refreshed and recharged and have noted how much smoother my busy life flows now. I feel more on purpose, more in touch with the divine aspect of life, and best of all, feel that I can help my patients to heal quicker because I can send them Divine Light in addition to handing prescriptions and advice. Anyone who is in pursuit of spiritual truth must check out these classes. Barbara and Dimitri have changed my life for the better, and they will change yours too!"

- Juliana, pediatrician, Atlanta, GA

"I have to say that these online courses have changed my life. I tried other spiritual paths but none have resonated with me the way this work has. I no longer have a problem sitting down to meditate everyday. In fact I feel I’m really missing something important if I don’t. Working with the light has brought me a tool to reach high spiritual goals, yet also to deal with everyday concerns. This is what I love about the work. I feel very fortunate to have found Barbara Martin."

- Bethany, acupuncturist, Los Angeles, CA

"The energy techniques that I have learned from Barbara Martin's classes have given me the capability to quicken my spiritual growth like no other system I have used. It has becoming increasingly easier to consistently experience a deep sense of happiness, calm assurance and divine peace throughout my day. Negative emotions that may arise quickly evaporate. I attribute these powerful effects to the knowledge and assistance that Barbara has lovingly given to me. What’s more, because I have taken classes throughout the year with generally the same group of folks, I now can say that I have a spiritual family that stretches across the country."

- Roland, librarian, Venice, FL