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Classes to Ignite Your Soul Growth


Spiritual Arts Institute is delighted to offer you an extraordinary series of profound and practical metaphysical programs in Divine Light teachings. For those dedicated to their spiritual development, these experiential classes encourage personal mystical experiences and are designed to help fulfill your soul's potential. Drawing on fifty years of inspired, direct clairvoyant experiences, you will receive instruction and guidance from Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, two of the most experienced metaphysical teachers working today.

Three Levels of Comprehensive Life-Changing Programs:

Level I: The Seven Spiritual Arts Training Program

These seven mystical arts offer essential Divine Light principles that build an enduring foundation of spiritual skills which you can apply in any aspect of life.

Level II: The Direct Divine Light Healing Program

Certification training in Direct Divine Light Healing™, a full-spectrum aura therapy and one of the most dynamic and effective spiritual healing modalities.

Level III: The Kingdom of Light Teacher Program

Advanced training in the inner mysteries that offers students the opportunity to develop their full spiritual potential and metaphysical teaching skills.